We manufacture all the products in our own production background. They are :

SEHO wave soldering machine equipped with turbulent wave (Woerthmann wave) which allows easy soldering of glued SMD elements, even in PLCC casing (without the necessity of pad enlargement). Our second soldering machine is used mainly for special electronics.

Seho  Podgrzewacz

    We have two automats for SMD assembly. First is the Samsung CP-20CV, with theoretical efficiency up to 8000 elements per hour. The second one, HEEB HM60 with glue station, which theoretical efficiency is 3000 elements per hour. The smallest elements we can assemble 0402, TSOP and TQFP with 0,5 mm track. We can assemble as well finepitch elements (under 0,5/0,4 mm pitch) due to advanced vision system in CP-20CV..

HM1   hm2

    At the moment, we use two reflow ovens : one tunnel oven by SEF for SMT soldering (300 mm width) and one drawer oven by Mechatronika for special purposes.

    Our laboratory is equipped with some professional measuring devices which are necessary for proper testing of battery powered circuits and electric ones. We have, among others, analog digital oscilloscope for 150-350 MHz band, burst generator (up to 4400 V), spectrum analyser and signal generator. We have software for editing programs for processors with ’51 unit, Microchip, Texas MSP430 series, Mitsubishi M16 series.

    We design printed circuit ourselves, using EAGLE 6 program (we cooperate with the program manufacturer CadSoft from Germany). We have also contacts with other manufacturers of printed circuits.