MIRECO series heating installation regulators.

    MIRECOMIRECO is a family of central heating regulators produced in our country for 14 years. The systems are the effect of many years’ cooperation with thousands of users, permanent perfecting work algorithms and high reliability of our systems with moderate price. We manufacture all products basing on own production background (we have own SMD assembly automats and automatic soldering machines).

    Our regulators are not the low cost system with primitive two-stage steering pump or  boiler – they are modern technology which allows optimal steering central heating and hot water installations, as well as hot spots, blast stoves, radiators in production halls and gas heaters in reduction stations. Costs of MIRECO regulator installation are reimbursed in one year.

MIRECO regulators save the fuel and provide visible increase of durability of the installation.

    In some cases (for example floor heating) the usage of the cheapest two-stage regulators is harmful (while heating floor there may appear cracks on the floor, the durability of the installation may be lowered or the iron boilers may split etc). Our regulation algorithms, thanks to the cooperation with thousands of users, are definitely better and more economical. We save not only fuel but also the installation – its durability increases much (even by fluent temperature regulation, there are no rapid changes of temperature as with pump steering), and each reparation is quite expensive. We also add such useful functions as reduction of the so called gas tops, iron boilers protection, circuits self turning-off and many others which are difficult to find in cheap regulators manufactured in Poland.... What’s more, our modern technology mechanisms are relatively cheap so the costs of installation are reimbursed quickly.

  MIRECO regulators may be divided into two groups :


  First group is for individual users – MIRECO SL. The regulators are easy to use, they have intuitive window menu in Polish language (LCD display with 4 lines of 20 characters each). They are typically used in detached houses, small schools or other buildings where there are maximum three heating circuits plus hot water. Monitoring and remote steering is possible when you connect a small additional module..

Detailed technical data of MIRECO SL regulator
   Second group of regulators – MIRECO 3 – is designed for steering larger installations, up to 17 heating circuits. The functions set is much wider than in MIRECO SL. The system realize transmission easily and have a function of remote programming. There is a new TT function – cheap teletransmission. It means the connection with using GSM system and short messages system SMS. The cost of installing such monitoring is low and the possibilities are relatively high (information about damages, state reading, gas usage control etc).

Detailed technical data of MIRECO 3 regulator3

   Our regulators may be developed similarly to a typical PC computer – attaching additional modules allows steering next heating circuits. You do not need to install new regulator – it’s enough to add much cheaper expanding modules.

There is a certain modification of MIRECO 3 regulator – a system of heating steering with the usage of gas radiators MIRECO 3 PG. It’s the optimal option for heating large-cubature structures. One network with MIRECO 3 PG regulator may operate up to 192 radiators with individual steering in 32 groups.


    The regulators are produced after placing an order (we usually have enough devices on stock and we send them after alignment), and after precise defining the installation configuration. We provide all the temperature sensors set (it’s included in the regulator’s price, without any additional costs). Installation of the system should be done by people with proper skills and possible required authorization.

    For the prices eMail us please.