We deal with developing, prototyping and production of professional electronic, analogue and digital for specific orders from local and foreign partners (more than half of our projects go to German market)

Our most important constructions are the following:

System of steering the window-blinds and blackout in National Gallery in Berlin (Alte Nationalgalerie) which consists of more than 140 units joined in a network of one kilometre length.

The system gives natural lighting for the paintings collection in the gallery. The steering is conducted in groups for specific areas in the gallery, which is dependent on the intensity of the outside lighting. The system is connected with the central computer that steers the whole building.

Alte Nationalgalerie 




System of steering sound absorption curtains in the Music School in Markkleeberg, Germany.

The system steers special sound absorption curtains (made of soft material) in the way to get  proper acoustics in the music hall. You may choose one of 16 stages and each stage defines the percentage of moving of the given curtain.

The system uses standard motors used in window-blinds, roller blinds etc. Setting of a required movement is completed through exact drive calibration, measure of moving time in both directions with correction of the direction and range of movement. In this way you may use cheap drives and replace them without system calibration.

BODYFIX system of steering pressure pump of patient stabilisation system in tomograph examination for a German partner.

The system uses a valve which works in shunting system and this way it regulates the pressure in the patient vacuum system. Such immobilisation is necessary for the sharp tomograph picture.

The valve is steered by step motor in a micro-step mode. The mechanism does not have any transmissions so it’s quiet and reliable. It’s a medical mechanism which is a subject to rigorous trials.

The product is designed not only for German market but also for export to the USA.

Bodyfix elektronika


Sterownik Faltstore8

System of steering window-blinds with micro engines of direct current, with intelligent recognition of the movement range, and with the radio control for a German partner.

The compact control circuit (the steering unit is placed on the bottom side of plate with LEDs and buttons) steers up to 8 drives of small blinds. The system recognizes movement range, initial and final position automatically. It allows also the medium position through the given closing percentage. The system does not require expensive position sensors. It calibrates itself through movement time measure and correction definition for particular movement ranges.


    We have also got some interesting proposals in the military technology – read about it here-
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